The 17th adventure for the PodCulture renegades has a ton of DVD and TV goodies for you this time around!

Brad, Glenn and Christina discuss a bunch of stuff that they have watched. (and intend to watch) The discussion includes: Amazon Women on the Moon, Batman Begins, Darkman, Nightwatch, Death Trance, Lost, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: SG1, Return to the Batcave, Doctor Who: The Complete First Season, War of the Worlds and Speed Racer.

The ever yummy Geek Cuisine segment is all about the popular kiddie candy Pez. Not just ANY old Pez mind you, but Cola and Raspberry flavored Pez!

Glenn talks about and shows off another of his ebay treasures. This time it is an actual movie prop from the recent release Ultraviolet and a very cool addition to his collection of geek items it is too! He also plugs the One Fan’s Opinion by Eric Larsen (of the Image comic Savage Dragon fame) This can be found over at the Comic Book website.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! The geek-gang winds up the episode with an extensive discussion review about Superman Returns along with a bit of discussion on the upcoming films Ghost Rider, and Wonder Woman.

Promos for this episode include: Two Girls and a Podcast and Doctor Who: Podshock

By Brad

12 thoughts on “PodCulture 17: You'll Believe a Podcast Can Fly!”
  1. Hey- nice work here! I have been trying to e-mail Glenn and see what he thought of Superman Returns, but I guess I don’t need to now 🙂 Nice hearing you guys, I don’t have any geek friends up here to talk to.

  2. Hey Ryan…thanks for checking in! Sorry to hear about the lack of geeks up there. Get out more….there’s prob more around than you think! In the meantime however feel free to let your geek-flag fly right here!


  3. Suggestion: When you have a spoiler alert you should let us know how long the spoily bit is by giving us a time to fast forward to. That way we don’t hear the spoilage but CAN listen to the rest of the cast.

    Just say.


  4. Only one problem with that idea….we never know just how long a particular topic will take us to discuss, so there is no way for us to include that information in our discussion. Hey at least we DID give a spoiler warning! That’s more than some ‘casts do!

  5. I meant that it could be added in post. The person editing would be able to see at what time point the spoilage ends and then it can be add as a note on the production notes.


  6. Point taken. But speaking as the person who does 99.999999999% of our editing, I’ll prob have to give that a pass for a couple of reasons:

    A. We try to avoid as much post-production voice work as possible mainly because it’s VERY difficult to go back and get the EXACT same sound quality after the fact.

    B: It is also a royal pain to time out the discussion, record a new voiceover bit, and then edit that back into the show and make everything sound OK.

    So yeah I’m sorry about no timing and all, but a spoiler alert is prob the best we can do until I either make money doing this or we luck into much better equipment.


  7. No. No silly I meant as a WRITTEN note! I know I always read over that stuff 1st.

    Just say’n ’cause I woulda liked to hear the stuff about Ghost Rider and what not but I ain’t seen Supes yet, and don’t know when I’m like to, it’s just a bummer for me is all I’m say’n.


  8. Good idea true, with with all the work I already put into this, it’s just something that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. In the future who know?

  9. Thanks for playing the promo. We were planning to play yours in the next episode coming out on Friday, and figured we would beat you to the punch, but once again you win the race for who will play the segment/promo first. But you better watch out cause we will win the race someday. 😉

    In any case, you will be our featured promo in show 19. 🙂


  10. Well you just have to be quicker on the uptake then don’t ya? LOL….anyhow we were glad to play it, and thanks for playing ours!


  11. Lmao, i was listening and i think it was Glenn? that was talking on and on about a 3d/animated show/anime he had watched 0-o and the name escapes me lol.
    So if you could let me know what that was i’d be grateful.

  12. hmmm…..I’m not remembering what that might have been, but I will try to remember to ask Glenn about it when he comes over to record the next show. In th emeantime however (and in case I forget) take a moment or two and drop Glenn an email about it. Out email addresses can be found at the right-hand side of our main page.


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