PodCulture: The Game

With super special thanks to Rainy…..we present the official rules to The PodCulture Drinking Game!

1. Christina says “I love it!”, take a drink.
2. Brad mentions plans for Dragon*Con, take a drink.
3. Brad mentions previous plans/event at Dragon*Con, take a drink.
4. Someone mentions their love of new Knight Rider, Brad must take two drinks.
5. Repeat a word multiple times, take a drink.
6. Mention the drinking game in an episode, take a drink.
7. Tim Minear (him or a project he worked on), take a drink.
8. Curse FOX and/or SyFy, take a drink.
9. Curse the cancelling of Firefly or Stargate Universe, take a drink. Two if it’s Firefly (bonus drink for Tim Minear).
10. Glenn calls his wife his girlfriend, take a drink. This only applies to episodes post-264.
11. TARDIS Interruptus episode, take a drink. No wait, take two.
12. Mentions of Invader Zim (including GiR and the Doom Song), Christina takes two drinks.
13. Geek Cuisine features an Oreo product, take a drink.
14. Green Lantern talk/mention, take a drink.
15 . Someone tells a bad joke, take a drink. Brad takes two.
16 . Drinking chaos happening, take a drink and a half.

Additional suggestions welcome!

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