Heading into the last of the teens; PodCulture turns 19 with another jumbo show.

DVD, Movie and TV talk includes: The Last Boyscout, Lethal Weapon, Long Kiss Goodnight, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Babylon 5, Farscape, Roswell Conspiracies, Americian Vampire, Looney Tunes, Veggie Tales, V for Vendetta, and Ultraman. The game chatter included: Test Drive Unlimited, Gran Turismo 4, Halo, Halo 2, Batman Begins 2: Dark Knight, Aquaman/Mercy Reef, Smallville, and Adventures in Babysitting.

Brad and Christina chat about their new spinoff podcast: Stargate Louisville and how that is going.

The gang comes back after the break and heads into Geek Cuisine and sugars themselves up with Dr. Pepper: Berries and Cream, Mounds Island Orange, Lime Tic Tacs, A & W Rootbeer, and Mike’s Crisp Apple.

Comic chatter includes: Beyond #1, Warlord #6, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Danger Mouse, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, Brave New World, Civil War #3, 52: Week Thirteen, Ultimate Spiderman, One Fan’s Opinion, and Stargate Atlantis: Wraithfall.

The crew wraps up with some listener email and voicemails. Thanks, listeners!

By Brad

3 thoughts on “PodCulture 19: Frack, Frell and Feldercarb!”
  1. Just in the midst of listening to this ep .. and just wanted to say Thank You for the kind “personal” mention … but hey, what’s with all the Cleveland Bashing? LOL

  2. I just remembered that you guys don’t appreciate “Anonymous” posters … you know we can turn that option off 🙂 But that would require folks to create an account w/ blogger.

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