Denise Crosby introduces the Culture Crew this week as we are fully functioning geeks.
Check out Beatnik Turtle’s The Song of the Day on Friday June 22 and you’ll see PodCulture Day!

We take a semi-serious moment to discuss the banning and protestation of the Manhunt 2 game, but we’re back in the silly saddle before long. Christina laments having to spend her Saturday in the dentist chair, and Brad takes the Culture Cruiser in for maintenance.

We properly announce our joining camp with FarPoint Media! Special thanks to Anya and Summer for such a smooth transition.

Glenn’s recent acquisitions include seasons 2 and 3 of the show 24 and the Highlander – Search for Vengeance anime. He gives a review of both The Host and The Fountain, and looks forward to the monster-movie D-War.

Brad and Christina are winding up their Farscape watching. The pair are finally caught up with Supernatural, and speculate about Alona Tal and Jimmy Smits in Cane. They’ve watched Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, much to Christina’s surprised enjoyment. The trio get animated as they talk about the painfully bad Stargate:Infinity series which Glenn
confuses for The Mummy animated series, and look forward to the live action remake of Speed Racer starring Matthew Fox, Christina Ricci, and Emile Hirsch of The Girl Next Door.

Christina and Brad step out of the Tardis long enough to geek about the three-part Doctor Who series three finale, and welcome back John Barrowman in the role of the ludicrously fabulous Captain Jack. Christina is pleased that Brad watched the David Tennant episode of So Graham Norton.

The boys talk about going to the midnight showing of the classic Michael Keaton Batman, and Christina squeals that the upcoming midnight showings include They Live, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Robocop.

Geek Cuisine this weeks is most graciously provided by Mitch, in the form of three flavors of Bubble Chocolate. Thank you very, very much!

The promo this week comes from the Parsec Awards, given at Dragon Con, and our musical spotlight is on Beatnik Turtle with “I.T. Support”.

By Brad

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