-After a most righteous introduction by Bill and Ted, Brad and Christina are flying solo this week without Glenn.

Halloween sucked worse than Angelus this year, having only one trick-or-treater despite all the candy (and that was Brad’s sister, Emalee, who is awesome).

The pair have been watching the usual suspects of shows this week. Supernatural, Smallville, Sarah Jane Adventures, Stargate Atlantis, and the growingly addictive Flash Gordon. In older shows, we’re finally into season 3 of Babylon 5, and most currently, Heroes and the Battlestar Galactica movie, Razor. They tell the saga of the harbingers of a full dvd shelf and an empty pocket: the closing Hollywood video stores! Brad’s gem was the guiltily pleasurable Spider Babe, and Christina picks up Harvest Moon for the PS2. Gamestop was not unrepresented, however, as on the recommendation by a dear listener, we’ve picked up Viva Pinata.

In the first part of the hopefully recurring segment, “The Geek Spin”, Brad and Christina rock on, dudes, to some of their favorite tunes. Christina heads up the choices with Tom Smith’s, “I’m on Firefly”. Brad’s first pick is “Nursery Rhyme Lawyer”, by Throwing Toasters. Since Glenn decided being abducted by aliens of more fun than hanging out with us, we’ve chosen “Americans By Our Guns”, by A Cast of Thousands.

Don’t forget to enter our “Karas: The Revelation” dvd contest!

Our Geek Cuisine this week may not be weird, but it’s easy and quick for our beloved geeks who want to spend as little time away from the computer/console/tv as possible. Brad’s Bean Soup!

Keep listening, and you’ll hear Christina’s second “Geek Spin” choice, “It Takes Who” by Luke Ski. Brad spins Robert Lund singing “You’ve Got Hogwarts”. As our last choice for Glenn, we’ve got Sudden Death sings “Blood, Guts, and Boobs”.

Christina announces her upcoming surgery, and asks for kind thoughts and prayers. She may sound way too excited about her hysterectomy, but that’s from being tired of parts that don’t work and not because she’s belittling the operation. It’s a serious thing, and trust me, she has her moments of absolute freak-out. She’d like to take the time to mention HysterSisters.com for the most extensive, comprehensive, compassionate community on the net for women of every age, illness, and opinion – both pre and post-op. (Since posting the episode, Christina has started a blog here.)

Thanks muchly to Cup Car Update for their contest promo, and Mur Lafferty and J. C. Hutchins for the hilarious cross over promo for “Heaven” and “7th Son”.

By Brad

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