After an introduction by everyones favorite Shepherd/Spy Ron Glass PodCulture gets back into it’s spazzy swing.

Glenn’s back in the co-captain chair, and he’s talking about two new games that he’s procured, as Timeshift and Call of Duty 4 threaten his World of Warcraft time.

Our dvd players spin this week while Glenn watches The Reaping, to pleasant surprise, and Christina and Brad are watching the cast of regulars in Heroes, Babylon 5, Supernatural, Stargate:Atlantis, and Sarah Jane Adventures. The trio talk about the writers’ strike, and how it impacts their favorite shows. Glenn’s picked up the HD DVD drive for his 360, and has added Heroes, Transformers, Batman Begins, V for Vendetta, the Bladerunner ultimate edition, and The Last Samauri to his new HD collection (as well as eyeing the Kubrick collection).

We enable our sweet teeth this week as Reese Whipps add themselves to the Geek Cuisine history book.

The Karas:The Revelation contest is winding down, so keep a look out for winners!

Brad and Christina begin Program PodCulture! During Christina’s recovery, the listeners are asked to post to the forum, with their suggestions for what they should be watching. Then, they’ll post their reviews. We only ask that it be about the length of a movie or a couple of episodes of a show. We’ll definitely keep you posted if she can keep up with more!

Many many thanks to Jill and The Signal crewfor the Sci-Fi review of Blakes 7.

Thanks to Buffy:Between The Lines, and folks at The Big Damn for their promos.

By Brad

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