After a comically blundered intro by Alan Tudyk, Brad and Christina introduce the 76th episode of PodCulture.

Christina is feeling well enough, all things considered, and the pair have been watching Primeval, thanks to Jayhawk!

Geek and Tell begins with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover of Maxim. Brad picks up the Concorde cd, and everyone loves it. The pair do some “day after Thanksgiving” shopping, and find first seasons of Las Vegas and House, and seasons one and nine of South Park, as well as Ghost Rider, and 300. Brad buys A Scanner Darkly, which inspires a discussion about Robert Downey, Jr and the upcoming Iron Man. Never to have a Geek ‘n’ Tell without toys, Brad’s got a Nascar Mt. Dew Pitch Black car, and the Super friends Lex Luthor figure. Glenn’s found a four pack of Hammer Dracula films (Horrors of Dracula, Dracula Has Risen from the Grave, Taste The Blood of Dracula, and Dracula A.D. 1972), and Live Free or Die Hard. Glenn talks a bit about Horror Hound Weekend, and shows off his Zombie Emergency Response Operation jacket.

Matthew from Michigan sends us a voice mail about new Transformers toys!

Christina rants a bit about her stupid pre-op testing.

Pucker up as Geek Cuisine this week is Holiday Frosty Nerds.
(*Christina makes a prediction she had a solid meal on Sunday, and it would be the last until Wednesday. In reality, she wouldn’t have a solid meal until late on Friday.)

Glenn’s got a classic Guilty Pleasures with his newly autographed copy of Innocent Blood.

Promos this week come from, The ScapeCast, Buffy:Between The Lines, and Steve Saylor’s “Black Shadow”.

By Brad

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