Happy Holiday to Dawn and Drew of The Dawn and Drew Show, as they introduce our last Jones Soda episode!

The fifth installment brings the Jones Soda Holiday Spectacular to a close with the 2007 Christmas pack. We start with Egg Nog, Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree, and Christmas Ham.

We’d love to thank our friends Andy, Adam, Ashlee and Todd one more time, and hope they’ll still speak to us next Christmas.

To close, we send our gratitude to Luke Ski for his song “Fanboy Christmas II”!

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 81: Holidazed and Confused – Part 5”
  1. 4 shows of eating food? I had to fast forward through the whole thing. God listening to people eat food makes my stomach turn. Please talk about some scifi in your next show. I like that part.

  2. Actually it was FIVE shows and we were drinking not eating. However the “Geek Cuisine” bits are a regular part of the show and will be staying a part of the show. Also the Jones Soda episodes have become a tradition with us as a fun and wacky way to celebrate special episodes.

    I am sorry you didn’t enjoy the show…maybe some future episodes will be more enjoyable for you.

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