We welcome Sunny back in our studio for one more episode!

In Geek ‘n Tell this week, Glenn’s been trying to avoid the holiday madness, but Brad and Christina try to pick up the slack. Brad’s mom got him the hardbound collected volume of Stephen Kings Dark Tower “Gunslinger Born” comic. He’s picked up the Star Trek novel, “Before Dishonor”, and “The Zombie Survival Guide”. We’ve added to the toy shelf with the chubby Superfriends Aquaman figure. The boys talk about the addictiveness of Woot.com, and Sunny talks about Stephen Brusts novels.

Geek Cuisine this week comes from Sunny’s wife, Molly, in the form of fantastic ginger bread with cream cheese frosting. Walking into the lion’s den, Sunny bravely tries the “tangy high happy flavor” of Gingerbread Jones Soda. Brad looks forward to the Ninja Bread Man game for the Wii.

In closing, we talk about The Royal Channel on YouTube, and the PodCulture spinoff, “The Geek Spin”. If you’ve got some podsafe music you’d like us to play on The Geek Spin, drop us a line! Do you like the non-podsafe Billy Joel?

We share our best, worst, and most WTF presents of Christmas past. Christina always got something Phantomish from her mom, and Brad always gets something Stephen King from his. What was your best geek present as a kid? Send us a voicemail! The conversation devolves into talking about weird scars and odd injuries. Brad tells the story about the block-wide stink of burned Christmas candy, Glenn regales us with his Evel Knievel toy of destruction, and Sunny remembers his perfect ripcord motorcycle adventure with his brother. Brad and Glenn talk about laser tag on their college campus. Sunny recants the Midnight Zombies Breakfast and Coffee Club, and what happens when you mix an eight hour sugar high with rampant bunnies.

Thanks so much to Buffy:Between The Lines for their promo, and Scott Rose with his song “Kentucky Fried Night”

By Brad

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