We hope one of your New Year’s resolutions includes gobs of guilt! Glenn opens this episode with “Hatchet” as his Guilty Pleasure! When a movie makes Glenn go “Ewww!”, you know it’s gotta be gross! Christina challenges Glenn with Blood Feast, a Guilty Pleasure she was forced to watch in high school.

Glenn’s happy about Dragon Wars coming to dvd, and we talk about blatant product promotion in movies. He’s looking forward to Sunshine on dvd (not to be confused with the Ralph Fiennes film, “Sunshine”). The three are excited by Cloverfield, and speculate about the movie title. Glenn’s picked up the first two in The Mummy series on HD and anticipates the new sequel. He’s also picked up Jet Li’s War and Stardust. Brad and Christina have watched Smallville, and are looking forward to the return of James Marsters. Christina’s suffering from post-anesthesia amnesia, and is giddy about the return of The Phantom of The Opera. She geeks for a bit, and Glenn (and his dad) anticipate 3:10 To Yuma.

Geek Cuisine eeks out another last drop of Christmas with Candy Cane Hershey Kisses.

Thanks to FarPoint Recap for their promo, The Signal for their Sci-Fi Review on the Star Wars Trilogy and Firefly, Tee Morris for Morevi: Remastered, and to Scott Rose for his song, “The Caulk Sucker”.

By Brad

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