Get ready…get set…get guilty! Glenn brings us Big Bad Wolf for this week’s Guilty Pleasure!

Prezzies in the P.O. Box! Christina receives a treasure trove of magazines from Michael in Pennsylvania. She’ll be reading her new classic Doctor Who magazines, X-Files (she does the happy dance of joy about the movie) comics, Animag, and Starburst magazines. Thank you!! Gratitude abounds to Mark “Jayhawk”, for the custom dvd of “Voyage of The Damned”. You guys rock the Tardis!

These couch potatoes have been sliced and fried this week! Brad and Christina have watched the pilot of Sarah Connor Chronicles, but Glenn’s boycotting Fox. They both love Flash Gordon, but differ on their affection for Stargate Atlantis. Jayhawk created a monster, so the couple are hooked on Primeval, and welcome the first episode of series two. Nothing tops the season premiere of Torchwood this week. James Marsters plays the slimy, swaggering “big bad” we missed so much. Christina has pre-ordered the first series, and has a mini-rant about Amazon and Borders. She’s hooked on PBS, and mourns not being able to stay up to watch the Craig Ferguson show. Ashlee’s been watching Ghost Hunters International, and misses Jason and Grant. Christina suggests “Ghost Adventures”. Glenn’s bought Superman Returns on HD, Dragon Wars, War, The Darkman Trilogy, and Skinwalkers. Christina watched the first National Treasure before she sees the sequel. Ashlee’s bought Angry Video Game Nerd on dvd, and Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Geek Cuisine this week is Hershey NY Cheesecake Kisses.

In closing, tell us about how you felt about Cloverfield? What movies have you seen? Anything on dvd we should know about?

Promos come graciously from Slice of SciFi, the A.D.D. Cast, and Mike’s Hot Dish. Thank so much to musical guest Tom Smith for “Insert Geek Cliche Here”

By Brad

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