Geek light special in aisle three!

Christina opens this week with what she would have once called sacrilege. She’s watching America’s Best Dance Crew! It spurns a discussion about classic 70’s/80’s tv shows. Adam’s been working on some CG animations, and Christina mentions the Whedon alumni on House.

Share the remote! Glenn’s determined to keep up with Lost, and is trying to enjoy Heroes with Mark Verheiden at the pen. We talk about theories for Sylar, Peter and HRG. Adam’s been watching The Big Bang Theory, and gives our friend Justin a shoutout for his podcast The Scene Stealer, talking about Summer Glau’s role on the CBS comedy. Glenn’s watched Babylon AD and Death Race. Brad and Christina have Chuck on blu-ray and Birds of Prey. The gaggle talk about music rights when shows come to dvd. The pair has finally watched Hellboy 2,  and found both Repo: The Genetic Opera and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog on dvd (as well as the cd soundtrack).

Christina and Brad make a trip to Build A Bear, and Brad’s got the Mal maquette and Serenity Scenes Poster Prints from Quantum Mechanix. He’s also got a Skrull Mighty Mugg and a Crisis On Infinite Earths “Harbinger” figure.

Glenn’s playing Call of Duty 5, and now he’s got a new piece of historic shiny! Adam is still playing Left 4 Dead, and talks about the new downloadable content. Christina’s found a Ms. Bitters action figure from Invader Zim.

Thanks so much to Brian Richardson from What The Cast, The Obscure 80’s Podcast and Dragon Page: Cover To Cover for their promos!

By Brad

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