Glenn cracks open this week’s episode of PodCulture with a callback to Amazon Women On The Moon and Species on laserdisc!

Christina starts our dvd segment with the Dead Like Me movie, and the director’s cut of Amadeus on blu-ray. Why is Adam singing? It’s a must-hear! Brad’s picked up Wonder Woman the animated movie (complete with Green Lantern preview), and Wall-E on blu-ray. Glenn’s will see his Wonder Woman and raises him Hulk vs Wolverine/Hulk vs Thor and the Watchmen: the Motion Comic and Quarrantine. By the way, the dvd set they can’t think of is Broken Saints. Adam’s been watching the Back To The Future trilogy via his 360 NetFlix, and we wonder what Doc would think of The Doctor. Adam tells us about the art and history in The Pixar Story. Christina’s watched Shaun the Sheep: Off The Baa.

Junior Fruit Cremes try to kill us this as week’s Geek Cuisine.

Glenn serves up the last course of the show, giving us the Guilty Pleasure, Feast 3: The Happy Finish.

Christina entreats the audience for good music and it excited about the Twilight dvd release. Glenn wonders about Streetfighter, Adam reminds us to watch Doctor Who, and the boys wax poetic on The Watchmen.

Matthew from Michigan lets us know about the ITV show, No Heroics. Promos come courtesy of  J.C. Hutchins’ Personal Effects: Dark Art and Mur Lafferty’s I Should Be Writing.

By Brad

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