Trick or Treat! The PodCulture Crew treats you to a pair of special holiday episodes!

Adam and Glenn are playing Flashpoint on the computer, before Glenn is lost in work for the holidays. The boys lament their jobs past on Black Friday. Adam has been on vacation, playing video games, rendering some animations, and catching up on television. He is loving the Left 4 Dead 2 demo. Christina’s massively in love with Scribblenauts (you can get a Halloween themed wallpaper on the Scribblenauts site!). Find out what her favorite ways to dispose of baddies are! Brad has been getting the apartment’s computers Windows 7’ed up! The guys theorize the most painless way for Glenn to upgrade his without losing all of his downloaded game content.

We bring you an entire ear of candy corn! There’s a quartet of Zachary brand gourmet candy corn. Find out which out of Apple Cider, Creme Brulee, Blackberry Cobbler and Pumpkin Pie made Brad wipe off his tongue. What tastes like a candle and what tastes like a log cabin? We were psychic without even knowing it. Those cinnamon fang candy corn we mentioned? When Christina found the links, she found that they are made by Zachary as well, and can be found on the site.

Christina straps on her apron and provides three variations of Geek Cuisine.She made pumpkin spice, vanilla pumpkin chocolate chip, and chocolate chocolate chip. Find out what Brad thinks, who dislikes all things cake, and what Adam thinks, who dislikes pumpkin. If you’d like the recipe Christina tweaked, e-mail her, and she’ll be glad to share!
While the guys enjoy, she shares a wicked story about her sister, and the tale of Karl The Rock.

Christina shares the iTunes Halloween tv sale news, as we open a spooky show segment. Glenn chooses John Carpenter’s The Thing as one of his favorite creepy movie. Christina loves Hocus Pocus, doing a throwback to Eerie, Indiana. Adam’s more into sci-fi than horror, and chooses Event Horizon as his spooky fave. Brad chooses the classic Prom Night, Carrie, Sleepaway Camp, and the Scream series. Christina’s two favorite creepiest tv show episodes are Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s “Hush” and Doctor Who’s “Blink”. Brad adds “Silence In The Library” to that spooky pile. He talks about the creep factor of some of the Sarah Jane Advenetures’ villains. Who can top The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (or even the Robot Chicken variation)! What’s your favorite scary movie? Favorite horror movie? Would you rather be creeped out or
grossed out? Let us know!

Our scary soundtrack for this Halloween includes “Brains” by Settle For Second, “Ban Halloween” by Judge Clarkie, “PC Halloween” by Devo Spice and “Spring Heeled Jack” by Lemon Demon.

By Brad

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