Welcome to the 175th episode of PodCulture!

Christina is behind on Glee and Lie to Me, but is just starting Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris. Not content to be a couch potato any longer, she has signed up to for aquatic exercise classes! Adam has been working on some animations for the Bellflower and himself. He tells the story of his disobedient wig for his Tenth Doctor costume! Glenn is running rampant in Aion, and trying to decide between
characters. He is all caught up with Big Bang Theory! Brad is working his butt off and up to his eyelashes in dental work. The summit of his efforts approaches, however, as he’s getting used to his temporary bridge! They gush about the deliciousness of The Old Spaghetti Factory. If you’ve got one in your area, check it out!

Glenn Guilts us up with Fantastic Argoman! This 60’s Italian super-anti-hero, likened by Glenn to Diabolique, is also available on Netflix!

We are of peace. We are of geek. The foursome talks about the reboot
of V.Glenn gives us a brief Previously on V summary, and as Browncoats, they appreciate Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk. Brad and Glenn compare it to the original, as Adam and Christina mark the obvious political references. During the V comparison to Battlestar Galactica, Christina poses the choice; Anna or Six? Should we give it a season to find its feet, like Stargate Universe? Will the BSG-ness of Stargate Universe be its undoing?

Christina and Brad have plowed through all of the existing episodes of Fringe. The lady is in love and squeeing! Christina’s conscience is struggling not to admit she enjoys it more than she did X-Files, but is losing the battle! She discusses her favorite character, Walter Bishop, and his notes on Fox’s website. Brad is enjoying Leonard Nimoy’s cameo, and they’re loving the J.J. Abrams easter eggs. Adam is almost caught up with Supernatural and the gang absolutely loved the
Halloween episode of Castle. He is enjoying Big Bang Theory, and speaking of big bangs, is watching MythBusters. Find out what Brad tells Christina to make her drop the f-bomb (it must be bad!) about Lie To Me. Yes, she knows she will probably get hate mail for this one, but she can’t tell a lie!

Promos come from Brad’s own The GeekSpin and The Dollhouse Podcast.

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