Brad, Adam and Christina open this episode of PodCulture, but Glenn will join them later! They’re giddy and gobbling, and geeking!

What is the Christmas season without cookies and milk? We’re Geek Cuisining with Candy Cane Creme Oreo cookies!

Don’t fall asleep! Our promo this week comes courtesy of The Dollhouse Podcast.

Glenn is back in time to game geek with the gang. While he is missing playing World of Warcraft, he is still deep in the trenches of Modern Warfare 2. He tells us about the trailer of what’s to come in Aion, and can’t wait! Adam explains, and confuses Christina, about the timey-wimey new update of World of Warcraft.

The boys still debate which platforms to play which games on, while Adam is still carrying out the zombie massacre in Left 4 Dead 2. He tips the scale of debate with the temptation of moding different levels of the game on the PC. Brad and Adam loved the easter eggs in the game, including Jonathan Coulton’s “Re: Your Brains” and “Still Alive”. Brad shares his favorite Ellis story, and Christina tips her hat to Andy’s observation. They all discuss their favorite zombie weapons. Christina shares her recipe for Zombie Arms, after which, she considers becoming vegetarian. If you’d like the recipe, e-mail her!

Brad has picked up Super Mario Brothers for the Wii, and rocks it old school. Christina shares how she and Brad win Christmas, and what they got for Brad’s sister and family. Adam bites the bullet and buys a ginormous 60″ television so he’ll have it when he buys his house.

Brad has found one other game related gem in the R4 card for the Nindendo DS. He was able to put all the games he has onto one memory card, so he can carry his entire collection around at once. Given the pandora’s box of games to try, surely he’ll have lots of new games to review for future episodes! For his first go around, he shares what he thinks about the Doctor Who Top Trumps game. Christina and Brad try to tempt Adam and Glenn to join the madness!

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