Yep….the Relaunch was not a hoax! Believe it or not…The GeekSpin returns for another episode full of musical geekery!

In this episode we have three great songs by three cool artists:

Song #1 “Zeros and Ones” by The Efts

Song #2 “ I Wanna be Your Hugh Hefner” by Robert Lund and

Song #3: “Pokemon League of the Living Dead” by The Gekkos

Also another “geeky spin” … this time about how Free Comic Book Day … isn’t really free at some comic shops, and Brian from the British Invaders podcast sends in his own geeky spin feedback comparing superhero costume changes to the way The Doctor changes from regeneration to regeneration in Doctor Who.

Listeners what do you guys think? Yay? Nay? Or just a nutty fanboy? Please let us know … call the voicemail line: (502) 233-7746 drop an email or send an MP3 file to

Thank you folks for sticking with The GeekSpin during the long hiatus, and stay tuned for more fun yet to come!

By Brad

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