Gareth David Lloyd welcomes us back to the Hub!

Brad and Christina welcome Andy, Nick and Richard into the studio for another TARDIS Interruptus episode! This time the TI crew turns their sights to the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

The crew catches up on their week, Andy is showing off his copy of Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin and we’re excited to hear that he is catching up with classic Doctor Who episodes on Netflix. Nick points out the forums on for their suggestions of classic Doctor episodes. Richard has been refreshing his memory of the previous six episodes of this season. Nick is revisiting episodes of Babylon 5 and classic episodes of Dark Shadows, as well as picking up some Roger Corman films. Christina is sucked in to the Game of Thrones universe. She is watching Deadliest Warrior on Netflix and watching Star Trek Enterprise with Brad.

Back from the break, Brad gives us a synopsis of the first episode of the season. If you wish to remain spoiler free, go watch it now and come back!

Richard is glad to see the seamless transition between UK and US production and Nick is happy the same production team is in charge. Andy was suspicious, not having enjoyed Children of Earth, as many agree. Nick questions motivation for moving on after the loss of the other team members. Richard agrees that the segue between old cast and new was smoothly done. Brad theorizes about mentions of Owen being integral to the story. Christina was pleased to see Torchwood as a trailer before Transformers at the movies. They discuss the new characters of Esther and Rex, and Christina holds out hope that he doesn’t further the stereotype of Americans on the world stage. We all share our theories of what is to come in this season.

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