Welcome back to The GeekSpin!

Now see…I told you guys last episode that I would have a new episode for you soon! (Bet ya didn’t think it would be quite THIS soon!)

Well, that is one plus to unemployment I guess…more time to bring you guys some more great tunes! I have three cool tunes for you plus a story about how the relaunch of The GeekSpin almost DIDN’T happen thanks to my local ISP.

Song #1 – I Never Go to Work by Nuclear Bubble Wrap

Song #2 – Serenity by The Great Luke Ski

Song #3 – Bert’s No Good by Robert Lund and Spaff.com

Thank you to all the artists for their music…be sure to check out their websites for more great music! Hey if you have a comment or suggestion for the show…please let me know!

By Brad

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