After a very special introduction, we welcome you to Episode 300 of PodCulture!

We managed to survive the giddiness of 299, and sit down to record the tricentennial episode! Six years and countless fandoms later, we discuss how far we have come. Christina’s highlight, aside from hanging with the gang, has loved all the different tv shows she’s watched because of the show. Adam loved all of the Geek Cuisines and his walks on the culinary wild side. One of Glenn’s favorite things has been the great excuses to buy bad movies.

It’s been a while since a regular recording, but Glenn has been burning through his double XP for Modern Warfare. He and Carly (and Carly’s mom!) are all back to playing World of Warcraft. For his purchase, he is able to get Diablo 3 when it comes out. Adam has been enjoying his early access to Star Wars The Old Republic, because the time for betas has passed! He is back into running, and is now training for the Tough Mudder Competition. On the artistic flipside, one of Adam’s renders was used in a Battlestar ad on Facebook! Christina is playing Santa and crossing things off her list to buy and wrap for everyone. Brad is settling in nicely to his new job and enjoying the good similarities between this and the old.

Andy, Richard, Nick and Justin join the regular crew for a spectacular segment. Brad presents everyone with their own small Parsec Award for their support and contribution to the show over the years, both as co-hosts and friends. Thank you, guys! Nick describes what means the most to him within the podcast and Doctor Who.

Christina is quite happy to present her own Guilty Pleasure, and shares Fright Night. Not the beloved classic from 1985 that her mom spoiled her 8-year-old self with, but the 2011 remake with David Tennant as Peter Vincent (fearless vampire killer). Find out what worked, what didn’t, and what is leaving Christina in a puddle on the floor. Does it stand up to the original? We give it four fangs up!

Jones Soda may have let us down this year, but Taylor’s Tonic Holiday Fizz has stepped up to the plate to be our holiday sodas for Geek Cuisine! Cranberry Dream, Gingerbread House Sparkler, Candy Cane Shake and Eggnog Fizz, make up this festively fizzy segment. Find out which of our mega panel of hosts survives the taste testing, and which might spontaneously combust.

Thanks to The Great Luke Ski for his song It’s A Fanboy Christmas 3 and to The Type 40 Podcast for their promo! Special thanks to Brian from the British Invaders Podcast for his voicemail congratulating us on 300 episodes.

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Most of all thanks to you, our listeners. Without each and every one of you, we’d just be friends, sitting in a room, talking about our geek lives. Thanks to your support and feedback, we’ve found shows, movies, games and music that have inspired us to even greater geek heights. It’s been an honor and a pleasure sharing with you what we do best, and we look forward to 300 more episodes. Cheers!

By Brad

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