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Adam joins us for a bit, and reviews the Kentucky Authors Forum presentation of Dr. Michio Kaku. He and his brother got to experience the theoretical physicist and co-founder of String Theory. Although he had seats in the overflow theater, the main auditorium having sold out, Adam was thrilled when Mr. Kaku took time to come to his theater to speak for a while. We talk about favorite scientists in popular culture and on tv shows. Who’s your favorite science icon? Let us know!

Christina and Justin open a second can of TV and DVD talk with Downton Abbey. Christina loves the flawed characters and wants to be Mrs. Hughes. Justin is happy that it is cleaning up at awards shows. Justin is enjoying Awake and give us a brief synopsis, while Glenn is recording it to watch once he’s caught up on other things. Justin is the lone geek in the room watching Psych, and he continues on to Misfits. While Brad and Christina started watching the latter, they had a harder time getting in to it. Christina takes a moment to talk about the Linehan Triangle, making the connection between IT Crowd, Father Ted and Black Books. The gang discusses the importance of time slot with regard to new shows. Justin is loving the little animated shorts promoting the return of Community. Brad has sold Justin his copy of the seasons of Farscape and everyone can’t wait for him to be sucked in. Justin takes a moment to talk about Being Elmo, the documentary about his puppeteer, Kevin Clash. Glenn talks about the mockumentary, American Zombie on Netflix. Speaking of the streaming media giant, Christina has watched The Captains, the documentary by William Shatner. Justin shares his Avery Brooks story.

Adam is back just for a moment, to share Geek Cuisine! We’re unwrapping Birthday Cake Oreos! It looks like all of our wishes came true!

In closing, Justin says to go out and do something fun! Christina wants good audiobook and Netflix recommendations. Glenn is excited for the upcoming movies, including Avengers and Spiderman, as well as upcoming conventions. See what is coming near to you! The entire crew asks the listeners to send prayers and good vibes to the victims of the recent tornado outbreak, and if they can find it in their hearts (figuratively or literally) to donate in some form to The Red Cross.

Thanks to the lovely Marian Call for her songs, “It was Good For You, Too” and “Out For Blood”. Thanks to The Being Human Podcast for their promo!

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