PodCulture opens with a welcome from Eureka’s own Sheriff Carter, Colin Ferguson!

Brad and Christina introduce this “best of” show because they have been out and about, enjoying Fandomfest 2012 in Louisville! While they share some of their favorite classic moments as well as some new, stay tuned for some great surprises in the near future.

In the meantime…

Glenn shares out of this world candies called Moonstones for Geek Cuisine. Are they worth the cracked teeth for the cute container? Find out!

Brad and Christina had the fantastic opportunity to see Marian Call in concert in Louisville in 2010. They share their interview with her between some their favorite tracks from her albums Got To Fly and Vanilla, including the title track, Vanilla, It’s Good To Have Jayne On Your Side, Dark Dark Eyes, I’ll Still Be a Geek After Nobody Thinks That It’s Chic (The Nerd Anthem), In The Black and Flying Feels Like. She discusses her 50 state tour, some of her favorite songs, and her plans for the next album and tour. Check this brilliant lady out at www.MarianCall.com

Glenn shares the cheesetastic Japanese film The Mysterians from 1959. He gives a brief synopsis of the film, then delves into some of his favorite moments. From lost extras to Divo outfits, from Power Ranger helmets to procreating aliens, it is the epitome of Guilty Pleasure.

We close with a few words from Nicholas Brendan, Xander from Buffy The Vampire Slayer!

By Brad

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