After an introduction by the eternally elegant Lee Meriwether, the gang’s all here and welcomes you back to PodCulture!

Adam starts off with his and Cristalle’s walking in the Waggin’ Trail marathon for the Kentucky Humane Society. In preparation for the season four airing of Arrested Development, he is rewatching the previous seasons. Aside from Elizabeth’s recital and catching up on TV, Christina hasn’t been up to much. Glenn had a wonderful Wonderfest, and tells of meeting the classiest Catwoman, Lee Meriwether, and scream queen Brinks Stevens. Everyone is looking forward to Derby City Comicon and Fandomfest. Brad is still pounding the virtual pavement for a job to suit his talents. He is excited to finally get his Ouya in the mail.

In a not-too-Guilty Pleasure, Glenn shares the retro-future of Manborg! Reveling in the glorious 80’s cheese, the green screen work shines for the era and the budget. Not taking themselves overly serious, the cast are a motley band of characters. In the previews on the dvd, Christina is horrified and intrigued to see Tommy Knight in Stitches. Brad noticed Michael Rooker in the preview of the Guilty-worthy movie, Hypothermia. In Guilty Pleasure gaming, Glenn talks about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. He enjoys the retro feel and the great cut scenes.

Geek Cuisine has two of Brad’s favorite food groups this week! Snyder’s Bacon Cheddar pretzel pieces!

Adam begins TV and DVD talk with Game of Thrones (aka The Tyrion Show), Arrested Development and the epic Doctor Who. He wasn’t taken with Taken 2, but enjoyed it nonetheless. Glenn is watching Defiance and Christina loves that her two favorite characters played vampires on other shows. Glenn laments that the cool weaponry from the game didn’t cross over to the show. Brad likens it a bit to Terra Nova. Glenn is looking forward to Falling Skies and Longmire coming back. Grimm is finished for the season. He watched the The Hounds of Baskerville of Sherlock and only has one left before he’s caught up. He is caught up on Teen Wolf and getting in to The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Vampire Diaries has concluded for the season, and despite the similarities to Angel, everyone is loving it. Christina was blown away by the How The Universe Works series on Netflix. She is frightened by John Noble’s hosting Dark Matters: Twisted But True. Christina got her aunt to watch Justified, and got hooked on Psych in return. So You Think You Can Dance is back and she would love to be young and talented. Glenn takes a moment to talk about Zombieland on Amazon. Brad and Christina are watching Orphan Black. Arrow is wrapped for the season and the gang speculates about Black Canary. Beauty and The Beast, Continuum and Doctor Who round out their sci-fi. The pair are all caught up with Duck Dynasty. Elementary wrapped up well for the season. Hawaii Five-O may still be a procedural show, but the endearing characters at the heart of it keep them coming back. The pair are hoping Blue Rose comes back and wonder how The Following will continue.Young Justice is back on their roster and Christina laughs at how whiny they are.

This week’s music includes the brilliant Tom Smith with Cheap-Ass Cyborg, Double Dragon Todd Gets Facekicked by Bonecage and Little Pieces by Beatnik Turtle.

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