With Glenn still MIA…the rest of the PodCulture crew soldiers on with the show. (with special cameos by the newest member of the crew; the Impossible Cat…Clara!)

Christina tells of her parents’ visit and the quiet marathon of tv watching while Brad was away. Adam has been working hard, despite the massive computer crashes at work. Christina was glad to get to go to church while they were down. Brad has had a sketchy interview and a no-thanks from one he was hoping for.

Brad and Adam take time to talk about the epic adventure that is Dragon Con. Adam starts with the near-miss on the highway, where his video game reflexes saved him. Brad is saddened by the cluster that was the vendor rooms. The changes to the “celebrity petting zoo” also made a difference. Adam shares the encounter with a Doctor and a zombie hunter. They roomed with the Freehold Family and tell of getting Mrs. Freehold to like Fireball.They list off some favorite costumes they came across. The Torchwood panel with John Barroman, Gareth David Lloyd, Burn Gorman and Eve Myles steals the show. Bobby brought Occulus Rift to the party and Adam gives a review. Brad talks about the Parsec Awards.

Music includes Mikey Mason with “Mama’s Going Dancing” and “Suit Up” by Insane Ian.

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By Brad

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