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Glenn opens talking about the Marvel Lego game for the Playstation 4, as well as the upgraded version of Injustice: Ultimate Edition. Brad talks about the improved control scheme for the mini games. For the Vita, Glenn is playing The Walking Dead, which came with the bundle and Wipeout, from Brad. He had downloaded, back during the outage, Killzone, Hot Pursuit, and a few others. Brad talks about Playstation Plus versus XBox Live and donating his older PS3. The only thing that bugs him so far is the light on the front of the controllers. Glenn talks about the drawback with his Turtle Beach headphones. He and Brad talk about Need For Speed, everything from the soundtrack to the customizeability. Brad talks about the bookends of comic book games for the PS4. Glenn mentions that he can’t yet play blu-rays on his. Adam and Christina question all the things it can’t do.

Keeping with the autumnal theme of the season, the gang Geeks and Cuisines with Candy Corn M & Ms.

Brad talks about the Vita second screen feature for the PS4, including some of the perks, and the only slow point, being the bit of a lag. They discuss the lines of the hardware and Brad tells the story of the lines at Best Buy. Glenn mentions the Share option to show off spectacular crashes and heinous headshots.

The gang talks for a minute about Doctor Who, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Thor. Christina talks about her mom becoming a fan and her aunt watching too much tv. Almost Human is great and she enjoys seeing Mackenzie Crook. Adam wants you to get out an enjoy the cool weather. The discussion turns to food. Christina asks for favorite holiday treat ideas. Glenn is thankful for pumpkin cheesecake.

Thanks to our music artists this week, including Who Is The Doctor by Devo Spice , Sympathy For The Daleks by Nerds With Guitars and Time And Relative Dimensions In Space by Alex Carpenter.

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