Welcome back to part B of the 300th episode of PodCulture!

Glenn laments the fact that lots of the shows are on hiatus, but we’re all watching Grimm. He is glad the Powers That Be will be moving it, so it will no longer be up against Supernatural. Christina enjoys figuring out the literary counterparts to each episode. On the sunnier side of the storybook, they gang is enjoying Once Upon A Time. Still, the geek, Christina is playing “spot the Disney in-joke”. Brad is hoping Snow White gets better hair, but everyone is creeped out by Robert Carlisle. Adam has been watching Supernatural and Community. He is extremely nervous about the fate of his favorite band of students. Adam is also nearly finished with the unlikely favorite Friday Night Lights, and has finished up Homeland. He didn’t expect to enjoy Rise of The Planet Of The Apes as much as he did. Brad takes a moment to play Name That Tune with cheesy tv theme songs on his phone, while Glenn explains about Electro Woman and Dyna Girl. Christina and Glenn debate whether or not the tv-themeless trend is good. Christina is still loving New Girl. Her new love this week is Gareth Malone, after having watched Gareth Malone Goes To Glyndebourne. Brad is sad that Chuck’s stars have been tweeting their wrapping the series. They’re all still watching The Big Bang Theory, and have stuck their toes in the Thundercats litterbox. The parallels between Lost and Hawaii Five-O are made again. Terra Nova is growing on everyone. Tis the season for Christmas specials, and we loved sharing the season with Haven, Warehouse 13 and Eureka. Glenn is looking forward to Face Off returning, while Brad and Christina have enjoyed the preview episode of the new Green Lantern animated series. Adam helps Brad find the Nerf gun that the weapons from Terra Nova are based on.

Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows are peppermint flavored for this massive Geek Cuisine. Andy, Justin, Richard and Nick join us for this festive fluff confection! The gang shares some of their favorite Christmas sweets!

Feeling a little guilty nostalgia, Glenn shares a very animated Guilty Pleasure this week! He shows off his collection of Saturday Morning Cartoons dvds. Sets from each decade feature some of the most popular shows we used to get up early for! Thundar the Barbarian, Monchichis, The Hair Bear Bunch, Honk Kong Phooey, are just a small sampling of the great memories all in one place on these sets. What did you watch when you were a kid? Are they available on dvd? Let us know!

Okay, so those weren’t so Guilty. To make up for it, he shares the The King of Fighters, starring the talented Ray Park and the gorgeous Maggie Q. How can two stars like those be in something so bad? Is there anything redeeming? Listen and find out!

We listen to a voice mail about Death Valley on MTV, which describes it as a mixture of Cops and Day of the Dead. Thanks to Nuclear Bubble Wrap for their song, Disney Song, and to The Saturday B-Movie Reel Podcast for their promo!

Many thanks to Audible.com. As a PodCulture listener, if you click the above, you can enjoy two weeks to explore the over 85,000 audio book titles and choose one to download for free! Tons of exciting genres and thousands of brilliant voice actors are yours to experience. Click, explore and download in minutes, it’s easy and it’s free. Don’t forget to let us know what you’ve chosen!

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