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The fab four are back together! Christina has gone to Cleveland to watch her sister graduate high school and had a wonderful time. Aside from working and running, Adam has done his second Tough Mudder race. He talks about the final obstacle, the ring of fire! Glenn is back after the Derby craziness and getting his dad back to health. He is finishing his novella and looking forward to debuting it at Derby City Comic Con. Brad’s been working wonky hours and enjoying the craziness of Clara while Christina was gone.

Glenn and Carly have been watching Alien Nation in the wasteland that is summer hiatus. He bought True Detective, but hasn’t watched it yet. They’re watching Ravenswood, Heroes of Cosplay, the excellent Longmire. Defiance returns soon, along with Falling Skies and Teen Wolf. Game of Thrones is wrapping up, and Christina appreciates Indira Varma’s horrific reactions. Penny Dreadful got renewed to Christina’s joy, but Glenn is giving it a thumbs sideways so far. Ripper Street has been uncancelled! Adam wants to add it to his list, but is running too much to keep up with his fellow couch spuds.

Christina brought Geek Cuisine from back home in the form of Russell Stover’s Red Velvet chocolates!

Our musical guests this week include Jesus Time by Bad Teenage Moustache and Drinking With Satan by Mikey Mason.

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