After an introduction by every Browncoat’s favorite leaf on the wind Alan Tuydk; PodCulture keeps the 500th episode party going with Part B!

Brad, Glenn, Adam, Cristalle, Andy, and (skyping in from Cleveland) Christina kick back in the living room with the Zoom H4n and kick off the show with TV and DVD Talk.

Andy chooses two infamous Geek Cuisine moments as his Flashback segment choice…yep we go back and revisit the dreaded Tofurkey and Gravy Jones Soda (as well as a few other odd flavors)

Cristalle gets the in-studio crew all liquored up with an all-new boozy Geek Cuisine; Hazelnut Liquor.

Awesome Browncoat themed tunes provided by Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill with “Leaf on the Wind” and by Mikey Mason with “She Don’t Like Firefly”

By Brad

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