After some classic flashback clips in “The Road Thus Far” the wayward sons Adam, Glenn, and Brad carry on with the second of the four-part Final Episode series.

Geeks have to fuel up so the guys dive right on into a Geek Cuisine of tasty Pineapple Water and Twizzler Rainbow Candy Straws.

Refreshed and refueled the crew starts the first part of TV and DVD Talk

After a lengthy chat the guys are thirsty once again and this time Brad has a couple weird sodas he found up at Jungle Jim’s in Cincy. Cinnamon Soda and wait for it…Martian Poop soda.

Bumpers in this episode are from Corey Feldman, Robocop’s Peter Weller and Admiral Adama himself Edward James Olmos

Music in this episode is all Star Wars themed:

“Vader Boi” by Luke Ski (feat Carrie Dahlby and The Nick Atoms)
“Star Wars (A film like no other)” by Beatnik Turtle
“Death Star Prison Blues” by Patrick Rennick and Stephen Whaley

and thanks to the Geek Cuisine double feature in this episode the guys are:
“Too Fat To Troop” by Mikey Mason

Just two more episode of PodCulture after this one…so be sure to get your voicemails in ASAP! The voicemail line’s number is: 812-672-4POD (4763) We would love to hear from you as we wind up this crazy adventure

By Brad

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