With their bellies full of pizza, the PodCulture crew get an early start with episode 12!

A HUGE thank you goes out to Adam (admin for BluegrassBrowncoats.net) and Stuart Duncan. They were both kind enough to design cool logos for the PodCulture website.

Glenn discusses the uses and neat stuff he has discovered about his new Pocket PC, and his latest treasures from Ebay. A request is sent out for more logo submissions to be used as iTunes art. The gang talks about toys from their childhoods like Ultraman, Sir Galaxy, Transformers, and Yoda. The first part of the show wraps with Christina sharing a story about going to see the movie The Cell, and getting the crap scared out of her by a Yoda doll afterwards.

After the break Glenn thanks The Doctor from the BluegrassBrowcoats site and Two Geeks, a Mic, and a Podcast for letting us know about the release date for the Ultraman disc set. Glenn also shares an interesting Ultraman site that he has found UltramanLAH!. The TV talk continues with discussion on Doctor Who, and it’s spinoffs Torchwood, and the show with K-9. Battlestar Galactica is discussed as is it’s soon-to-be spinoff Caprica. Brad and Christina share a story about going to the local used book store Book and Music Exchange and picking up the first season of Veronica Mars, and Season 2.0 of BSG.

Geek Cuisine is extra special this time around with some Thornton’s Premium Selection chocolates sent to us by Jill Arroway from The Signal podcast.

After getting all sugared up again the crew talks about the upcoming release of Underworld: Evolution on DVD and a few upcoming sci-fi-type cons such as: Motor City Comicon, Wonderfest, and Dragon*Con.

The show begins to wind up with assorted discussion on the podcasting track that was just added to Dragon Con, the movie Army of Darkness, Lost In Space robot replicas, World of Warcraft, and a request for your geek stories.

Glenn gives out the PodCulture mailing address, Brad announces the PodCulture voicemail line, and Christina asks for some email-feedback.

Special musical guests for the show included: The Great Luke Ski with the song Y.O.D.A. and Jonathan Coulter with the song Code Monkey.

Promos for the show included The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas.

By Brad

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