The wacky folks here at PodCulture Central start off the night with a bang! (or at least the sound of a bottle being opened) The drinks are flowing as the gang chats about upcoming conventions such as Wonderfest and Motorcity Comicon. Brad rants about Insight Cable Service, Glenn plugs his model kits of Ace of Diamonds and Bloodlust over at the Ace of Diamonds website. The chatter continues with talk about LOST on DVD, a recent trip to Steak and Shake, Mike’s Hard Crisp Apple (one of Brad’s favs).

After the break it’s time for Geek Cuisine. This time the sugar rush is provided by Junior Mints Inside Outs, and as usual the verdict is quite the tasty! Glenn continues talking about cons and some guests at the upcoming Motor City Comicon: Yvonne Craig, Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriweather and John Wesley Shipp.

DVD chatter includes: Always, Field of Dreams, The Flash, the original versions of the Star Wars movies, Robot Chicken, the anime GANTZ, Speed Racer and the fact that a LOT of folks still want the 60s Batman series to come out on DVD. Also the gang shares some of the movies they watch with their mothers.

Game and toy chatter has: Battlestar Galactica: The Game (for PS2 and Xbox), Buffy Legos, a Doctor Who playset, the Nintendo Wii, Second Life, and a World of Warcraft expansion,.

After the second break there is some movie talk with discussion on Superman Returns, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, and Spiderman 3.

Then the crew reads some listener emails and comments and close out with a request for some more iTunes art (as well as a request for listeners to call the PodCulture voicemail line) and a special announcement regarding charity screenings of Serenity in Louisville, KY and that more info can be found at the Bluegrass Browncoats website.

Special musical guests for the show included: The Great Luke Ski with a song called Back One Week To The Future and Michelle Dockrey with Escape Key and a song from their CD Shadowbeast called The Girl that’s Never Been.

Promos for the show included: Serenity Now/Equality Now.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 13: The Geekaholic Sugar Rush!”
  1. Why is Glen so arrogant and full of himself?

    Can you post a picture of the cast? Especially Christina?

    Brad…dig the rants!

  2. Hmmm….sorry you chose to interpret Glenn coming across that way, because he really isn’t by ANY strech of the imagination. Heck if anything it’s ME that is the “arrogant and full of himself” one of the group. (and 99.9999% of that is just a BS act) Per your request a pic has been posted to the site, however there isn’t one of all of us together yet, so it’s just one of myself and Christina. Thanks for listening to the show!


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