PodCulture hits the big 2-0 tonight!

Television and Movie Chatter includes: Miami Vice, South Park, Dead Like Me, Babylon 5, Stealth, Bubba Ho-Tep, Hong Kong Phooey, Ultraman, Millenium, Avengers 2 (animated), Adventures in Babysitting, Leaving Las Vegas, Honeymoon In Vegas, Witchblade, and Gantz.

Comic Book discussion includes: Warlord, Skip Runner, Ms. Marvel, Star Jammers, JLA Classified, 52, Spike vs Dracula, Ultimate Spiderman, Angel Script books, Toyfare, Angel Spotlight: Connor, Ultimate Fantastic Four, Green Lantern Corps, Ion, Daughters of the Dragon, Heroes For Hire, The Immortal Iron Fist, Witchblade, and Gantz.

Glenn talks about a possible new segment idea, comic creator David Mack, and CBR.com

Geek Cuisine this time around includes Reeses Peanut Butter Cups with marshmallow and Strawberries and Cream Pepsi Jazz. The gang also talks about where they went to dinner; the Twig and Leaf restaurant in Louisville, KY

Promos for this show include: Geek Fu Action Grip, and the Save SG1 Campaign.

Stay tuned until the end of the show, for some special bonus bits too!

By Brad

One thought on “PodCulture 20: Contents Under Pressure!”
  1. As far as the Miami Vice ‘no credits’ thing goes, I think the Assault on Precinct 13 remake did the same thing.

    Also, I’m enjoying having the show at about an hour long. I think you should maybe top it off at just an hour, but that’s just me.

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