Just back from Dragon*Con 2006 in Atlanta GA, a VERY tired PodCulture crew shares their misadventures about Dragon*Con, as well as some ineteresting stories about meeting some of the stars, and some of the goodies they picked up while at the convention.

Geek Cuisine this time is Edwards Oreo Cream Pie and Stewarts Orange Cream Soda.

Special musical guests for the show are: The Great Luke Ski with “You Don’t Know Jack” and George Hrab with “Cruel Spines”

Promos include: The Whocast and The Scapecast

By Brad

4 thoughts on “PodCulture 21: The Dragon*Con 2006 Wrap Up”
  1. Thanks Les! It was great meeting you and the rest of The Signal crew, and we are really looking forward to next year! Nope, no alcohol at all….just “apple juice” and “milk”

  2. Yeah it’s the entire BGBC site. I’ve called Adam and left him a message. These things happen I ‘spose it must have been fairly recently though I was on the site around 12:30 or so last night and everything was just fine. He should have everything back up and running sometime today I would imagine.

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