The PodCulture gang orders some pizza, and kicks back to create latest episode of geek-filled-fun!

TV and DVD chatter includes: Lost, How I Met Your Mother, The Class, Justice League Unlimited, Slither, Feast, Cars, James Bond, Smallville, Guyver, Torchwood, CSI, Ultraman: Volume 2, Captian Scarlett.

Videogame chatter includes: Gears of War, Guildwars, Robocop 3-D, and World of Warcraft.

Podcast related chatter includes: DWO Whocast, TWO Torchcast, The 9th: a Heroescast, and Two Geeks a Mic and a Podcast.

Geek Cuisine for this show is Pizza Hut’s Cinnamon Breadsticks.

Brad rants about the “non-con” he went to awhile back in Lexington, KY.

Glenn’s Guilty Pleasures for this episode is Pyrokensis (Crossfire)

There is some other assorted chatter including: Alan Tudyk’s appearance on CSI, Hot Topic and some cheap shirts that Brad and Christina picked up, a Hannibal figure Christina found, Ace of Diamonds, Jean de Florette, and Amelie.

Special music guest for this show is The Great Luke Ski with the song House Party at Arkam Aslyum

Promos for this show are from The 9th: A Heroes Podcast and a sneak peak at Tee Morris‘ upcoming project.

By Brad

8 thoughts on “PodCulture 26: Wii Love the Geeks”
  1. Great cast, again, Durrr

    Anyways I didn’t know Glenn played Guild wars (appearently not often though =P)
    You havn’t played Guild Wars unless you’v played The core game.

    So you guys watch any Heroes episodes yet? if so am i right or am i right?! that Japanese guy is awesome, no?

    One last thing, PS3 > 360

  2. Christina and I have finally started watching Heroes, and yeah Hiro is our fav so far.

    As for the PS3 vs 360 debate…well I’m quite happy with the 360 and it’ll be a LONG while before I get a PS3…..600 bucks? Hell no!


  3. Ps3 = 600$
    Xbox360 + HD ad on = 600$

    Some people might not care about the HD, but when you have a huge HD television like me, You care…ALOT. =)

  4. You have a point about the prices when you break things down…..HOWEVER as you pointed out some folks do not care about HD, so they are not forced to pay for something they do not need/want if they go the 360 route rather than PS3. Also to note is that with the PS3 all of the work (games and dvds)is being done by a single drive, and as such it will wear out faster. With the 360 the work of games is done by one drive, and the HDdvd work is done by another. So if one unit breaks after warrenty, you don’t have to spend a ANOTHER 600 bucks to replace it….just whatever the cost to replace the broken component would be.

  5. Thats actually a pretty good point ^^.

    I’v had two ps2s, the ones that first came out, and the “fixed” ones that came out a year later,
    Obivously is it not all that smart to buy the first shipment, Everyone should know this by now, With the 360s over heating and what not, Im sure the Ps3 will have its problems, but if you buy one from the second, or even third shipment i don’t think you have to worry about replacing untill the Ps4,
    And by then, Ps3s will be alot cheaper.

    One thing i have to admit, Is i have not used the online elements for the Ps3, and i have for the 360, and the 360 does a damn good job.
    My Wal-mart has a Ps3 on display but there is always someone playing it -.- and i doubt they have it networked.

  6. Hi Brad!!

    This is KESHA… I just subscribed to your podcast and we are listening to episode 26 now. Just wanted to drop in and say hi!!


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