Back for yet another round of geek-madness, the PodCulture crew catches up after the holidays and is joined in the studio by Ryan.

Brad rants about crappy service at Tumbleweed. Christina gives Brad a late Christmas present, a very cool Torchwood t-shirt!

TV, DVD and Movie chatter includes Time Tunnel, Red Dwarf, The Simpsons, Stargate Atlantis, (For those interested in the newest episodes aired in Canada, unaired as yet in the US, here’s a great link. WARNING-MASSIVE SPOILERS.) Zapped, How I Met Your Mother, Cyborg 2, Superman Returns, Cars, Quest for the Mighty Sword, Doctor Who, Bones, The Muppet Show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Torchwood, Star Trek Voyager and Doctor Who Confidential.

The guys also debate HDTV and HDDVD vs Blu-Ray and mention a few good Doctor Who related podcasts such as the DWO Whocast and Podshock.

The video game talk includes Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Double Agent.

Geek Cuisine for this show is Ice Cream Skittles, while Ryan talks about his drink, an Orange Blossom Cream Ale.

Included is a very special sneak peek at the soon to be released podcast audio novel Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword by Tee Morris.

The crew closes winds up Episode 30 – Part A with some stories about standing in line for autographs from various stars. Glenn shares a funny one about meeting Adam West and Burt Ward from the now-classic Batman television series.

Promos for this show include one from The Signal podcast for Songs from the Black.

By Brad

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