After an introduction by Dawn and Drew of the Dawn and Drew Show, the geeky trio returns to reinfect with Part B of Sick Daze.

Glenn imparts his Guilty Pleasure this week not with Zardoz or Attack of the 60ft Centerfold, but with Drive, directed by Steve Wang, starring Marc Dacascos with Brittany Murphy. Glenn also requests some GP feedback. Have his movies made you hurl, or made a home on to your dvd shelves? Which guilty pleasures would you suggest?

Toy Talk gushes with Wii love, 360 play, and as always, the crusade’s still burning in World of Warcraft. We discuss flight simulators, Rainbow Six:Vegas, and Christina’s Huntress figure adorns her cubicle. Glenn adds to his X-Box collection with Breakdown, Advent Rising, and Batman Begins, and the boys discuss the various modification parameters possible with console games.

Conversation winds down with a fond farewell to football season, and our love/hate relationships with the movie Talladega Nights (and by extension, Elf).

Musical guest for this episode is Positive Attitude with their song, “2600”, found on the album Technobabble, and The Signal provides a sci-fi review of the hit series, Lost.

By Brad

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