The geeksome threesome comes at you this week full of tantalizing television and movie madness.

Glenn opens up the evening with his review of Ghost Rider, comparing the movie adaptation to that of another comic blockbuster, Fantastic Four. Glenn also adds to his dvd collection with Ultraman, Series 1 volume 2, the Hellboy Collector Set, the third series of Millennium, Invincible Iron Man, and talks of Irwin Allen’s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, as well as the Doctor Strange preview.

The triad thanks Mike and Steve over at Podholes for their review of the show.

The tube makes boobs of us all this week, as we gush about our favorite shows. We discuss (and differ) about Jewel Staite on Stargate Atlantis (SPOILER WARNING). Glenn enjoys the budding Chiller TV, showing a marathon of Friday the 13th The Series. As always, Lost, Battlestar Gallactica, The Class, and How I Met Your Mother get a mention. Brad and Christina are giddy with Whovian joy for the past episode of Heroes, and easily see Hayden Panettiere, as a recast of Buffy, in our fantasy universes. The trio introduce The Dresden Files into the roster, and anticipate Claudia Black making a cameo in the Dresden universe. Glenn compares The Prestige and The Illusionist.

Geek Cuisine this week is courtesy of one of our listeners in the form of curiously textured Gummy Luau Skeletons, and Glenn makes Christina’s day with a box of Morning Spark.

Music this week is granted to us from Jonathan Coulton’s competition to remix his song, “Code Monkey”. Tune in next week for another of the winners.

Promos this week include Firefly Talk, and The 9th a Heroescast.

Class participation this week: If you could recast a new series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer today, who would you cast in each role, and why?

By Brad

12 thoughts on “PodCulture 38: Monkey Monkey Fritos – Part A”
  1. That’s like saying… “can’t you just see the guy that plays Peter as Spiderman?”

    Ugh no. Great actor.. but no.

  2. Well if you wanna get technical the “classics” have already been messed with. Remember Sarah Michelle Gellar wasn’t the FIRST actress to play Buffy ( remember the movie?)and if you have seen the unaired version of the Buffy pilot Allyson Hannigan wasn’t the first actress to play Willow either.

    Also if they can reboot a series as successfully as the did a show like BSG why couldn’t they do the same thing for BtVS? She has teh spunk for the role and with some other good casting (and Joss writing naturally) The show would be successful.

    Put it out to your listeners…..see what they think!

  3. That’s not remaking since Joss left the movie… and the pilot was “throw something together so we can show the studios” (hence the unaired part).

    I talked with my friend that introduced me to the JossVerse last night (and who is also a huge Heroes freak). We both agreed that Hayden, while a good actress, just can’t pull off Buffy. Her look is too Bubblegum Pop.

    If we MUST recast Buffy, you need someone a bit tinier to pull off the “girl in the alley who you think it’s gonna get killed.” but then turns around and kicks butt. Hayden I think would pull off more of a Harmony character than a Buffy one. She’s more curvy, bouncy girl.

    There’s not a lot of people to pull from since I’m not too up on teenage actors but I’d pick the girl who plays Hermione over Hayden (especially from the movie that comes out in July).

  4. Um. Hermione might make a good Willow, (the words “flick and swish” come to mind) but there’s no way she’d make it as Buffy. Hayden has the hair, the attitude, and the general kickassness of our dear Slayer.

    All the best,

  5. I am not seeing Hayden as Buffy. I guess that is a credit to how great Ms Gellar was in the role. Plus how can anyone else but James Marsters play Spike? He owns that role…and rocks all around.

    And guys…seriously…the 96 Dr Who movie is really not that great. I’m a huge Who fan and I’ve seen them all (well, all available footage) and that movie was lackluster at best. Thankfully the whole half-human thing has been ingored by the production staff of the current series…though it may come into play this year with the Paul Cornell two parter….

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