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After an introduction by Jack from Wander Radio, the triad of geekdom returns!

This week starts of with the boys and their spoils from the comic shops. They discuss Civil War, the life (and death?) of Captain America, and whether or not Punisher will take up the shield. We all welcome Buffy Season 8 comic, as we try to convince Glenn to actually watch the end of season 7! We continue with Stephen King’s Dark Tower, Civil War-The Confession, Wonder Woman #5, New Avengers #28, Green Lantern Corps #10, Battlestar Galactica, Amazing Spider Girl #6, 52-Week 45, Toyfare Magazine, Doctor Who Magazine (and the audio books by Big Finish) and Image Comics Invincible. Christina is horrified by the Ghost Rider action figures, and Brad gets a smile out of the Marvel Super Hero Squad Punisher/Ghost Rider pack.

Geek Cuisine this week is a case of curiosity killing the appetite, as our guests, Ashlee and Todd, request the…um…”experience” of the Jones Soda holiday extravaganza of a few months back. Want to know what exactly Ashlee did for a dollar? Listen, and find out!

Glenn gets us into the post-apocalyptic guilt of Zardoz for this installment of Guilty Pleasures. We discuss the work of Sean Connery, and John Boorman of Excalibur and Deliverance fame. Glenn likens the film to the novel Dancers At The End Of Time by Michael Moorcock, and leaves us with the riddle of the origin of Zardoz title.

Promos this week are courtesy of The Strangely Literal Podcast, and Doctor Who Podshock. (If you listen really hard, you can hear Christina counting the days until the third series of Doctor Who begins!)

By Brad

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