After a silent week in respect for the passing of our friend and fellow podcaster, Joe Murphy, The Culture Crew returns to pay one more tribute.

A very special Geek Cuisine incorporates two of Joe’s favorite sources of sugar. We’ve got four varieties of root beer: Thomas Kemper, Hank’s, Stewarts, and Abita. Combine those with the fantastic Australian Violet Crumble candy bar, and you can practically hear our teeth ache!

Our musical guests for this tribute are two of Joe’s favorite geeky songs, Skullcrusher Mountain from the fabulous Jonathan Coulton, and Scott Bakula by Sunspot Music.

Finally, a song written especially in Joe’s honor. Enjoy Mason Rocket by the band, Beatnik Turtles.

We’ll be back next week with our normal doses of geektainment.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 42: Goodnight Ninja”
  1. I never knew there were so many kinds of root beer in the world.

    Stewart’s, I’ve heard of. They sell it all over the place around here. But are the other brands regional finds?

  2. I am thinking that they are more like micro-brews. Small batch rootbeers carried only in certain stores. There were TONS more we could have picked up too! (maybe we’ll do a sequel sometime) I’m lucky to have found a store or two that carries oddball stuff like that.


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