The trio find themselves back on Geek Island as we are introduced, this week, by William Mapother, better known as Ethan on Lost.

We begin with Geek ‘n’ Tell, as Glenn talks about Black Summer by Warren Ellis, then recalls Pantheon by Lonestar Press, for which he has colored some covers. This opens the debate about whether or not comics, and other forms of entertainment, should carry a political message. Glenn’s new computer is initiated with the game Stalker:Shadow of Chernobyl.

Brad has added to his music collections this week with Big Dog Daddy by Toby Keith, and Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway. Christina has listened to Sandi Thom’s Smile…It Confuses People. (Christina would like to correct her misspeaking. Sandi Thom is Scottish, not English, as was stated.)

In addition, Brad’s acquired the Star Wars episode of Robot Chicken, as well as a swanky new Spiderman rubber duck for the web-slinger-themed bathroom. Christina gets a brief geek about her new Old School Sesame Street dvds. Brad is happy with his Doctor Who books which include Paul Cornell’s Human Nature and Goth Opera, and The Plotters by Gareth Roberts. Brad ends with a bang, introducing his Buffy comic lithograph, autographed by both artist Jo Chen, and near-diety Joss Whedon.

Get your guilty on! This week Glenn’s Guilty Pleasure is Alive! From the director that brought us Azumi and Versus, Alive has been likened to Cube, and The Crow. Glenn is especially cryptic, as to keep us all spoiler-free

We appreciate our listeners as we announce what’s been in our P.O. Box. Extra special thanks to Mike B for the giddily geeksome X-Files magazines for Christina, and Guyver 2-Dark Hero dvd for Glenn. Once again Mark earns a regeneration of gratitude for the series 3 Doctor Who episodes on dvd.

Listener E-mail comes from Emily in Ohio from The 3 Heroes podcast, discussing Red Dwarf, and Doctor Who. David writes in about Lost and the Sci-Fi anime of Tokko and Ghost In The Shell. Michael shares his thoughts on the finales of Lost, Heroes, and Veronica Mars.

We discuss what’s hopping on the PodCulture Forums, as CapnFatpants and Freehold South discuss Smallville, Heroes, Lost, and Veronica Mars. We talk about whether or not we jump on the bandwagon when new shows gain mass appeal.

Tell us? Did you love Heroes from episode one? Did you find Lost late? What makes you steer clear, or get sucked in to mainstream popular shows?

Promos this week come graciously from Technorama, Sci-Fi Smackdown, and George Hrab’s Geologic Podcast.

We thought, on the cusp of July, Beatnik Turtle’s “Take It Down” was an appropriate musical spot.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 54: Bring On The Boohkie – Part B”
  1. Brad, I’m with you on the escapism thing. I want to get away from my real life when I turn to my entertainment.

    Not feeling the new Bon Jovi :-p.

    I made it through two sketches of Robot Chicken and I was through. The sketch about having sex with the fabric softener bear was funny, but Oh-So-Wrong.

    Christina: “It’s not easy being green.”

    Christina: I have 93 movies in my NetFlix queue and I keep shuffling the order as I change my mind about what I want to watch. Having all those movies in my queue makes me feel a lot less guilty than I would if I owned that many movies and hadn’t watched them yet.

  2. Heroes: I just wanted Sylar to be gone. I was so uninterested in that part of the storyline. Hopefully he won’t show up again until three seasons from now.

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