The Culture Crew is introduced this week by Firefly’s beloved Shepherd Book, Ron Glass.

Between office work and dental work, Brad and Christina have been busy bunnies, and Glenn is happy to return to raiding in World of Warcraft. Christina notes that she heard someone in the lobby coffee shop humming the PodCulture Theme.

Glenn’s been playing Stalker:Shadow of Chernobyl, and buying flash drives for his Ready Boost on Vista. Brad picked up Transformers for the 360, Resident Evil 4 for the Wii. Glenn’s looking forward to Bioshock, (which he likens to Mon-El of Superman cannon) Soul Calibur 4, and Halo 3, and has reserved a copy of Crysis. Christina is still hooked on Webkinz, and eagerly awaits MySims for the Wii.

PodCulture announces its first contest! Win the Transformers Armada dvd! If the Culture Cruiser (a blue 2005 Chevy Cavalier) happened to be a Transformer (either Autobot or Decepticon), what would it be? E-mail us at: CONTEST (at) with a Transformer name and/or character description, and be entered in the contest! The winner will be announced August 5th.

Our geekness takes a musical turn this week, as we discuss what we’ve been singing along with. Brad’s bought Jeremy Camp’s “Beyond Measure”, “Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits”, and “Selected Hits” by Collin Raye, then we mention his song,“Love, Me”. Glenn has downloaded some videos, including Emma Bunton’s “Downtown” cover, and we discuss the merits of downloading music and videos. Christina’s listening to Scissor Sisters, thanks to both BBCAmerica, and Doctor Who. Glenn finds that T’Pau making a comeback.

Geek Cuisine is Jelly Belly Soda Shoppe jelly beans, and they wash it all down with Diet Pepsi Max and Jolt Cola.

Thanks to Beatnik Turtle for the PodCulture Theme and incidental music.

Promos include J.C. Hutchins 7th Son podio book, Geek Cred, and Borderline (listen for cameos by the PodCulture Crew)!

By Brad

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