Put your Geek Guilt in hyperactive hyperdrive! Glenn’s Guilty Pleasure this week is the Japanese gem of mammary mayhem, “Big Boobs Buster“.

Our listeners are reminded about the PodCulture Transformers Armada contest. Submit your ideas for what the Culture Cruiser Cavalier Transformer would be. Check out the link on the site for the Wing Command contest from Electronic Arts and FarPoint Media.

Prezzies in the P.O. Box! John from Sofa Dogs sent a plethora of fabulous prezzies! Brad gets a “Wolfman’s Got Nards” t-shirt quoting the movie “Monster Squad“, and John Hughs’ “Reach The Rock“. Glenn receives “Nothing” and “Night of the Creeps” on dvd. Christina is in giddy geek glory with her plush Gir from Invader Zim, and the IFC Greg The Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies.

Geek ‘n Tell finds Christina still knee deep in Webkinz. Brad shows off his Autobot and PodCulture vinyl stickers for the car, both from Custom Vinyl Decals. The Transformers collection grows with mini Unicron and Optimus figures, a Bumblebee for Christina’s desk, Ratchet, Clocker, Skyblast, and Barricade. Brad’s got the X-Port for hard drive data
swapping between the 360 and your pc. Glenn’s picked up a 13 inch, DC Direct Superman figure.

Thanks so very much to Traci for our Geek Cuisine this week! Carnival Skittles!

We include the skit, “Skiffy Turrets”, and close with having seen Transformers a second time, along with Harry Potter, and looking forward to Star Trek: Undiscovered Country at the Baxter. Glenn’s excited about the relaunch of the Thor comic, and fearful of the Green Hornet film. The trio conclude with thoughts on Harry Potter-Order of the Phoenix.

Two special promos include Chuck Tomasi’s (from ChuckChat.com) charity event for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and the Blood Drive For Joe at Dragon Con.

Our musical interlude this week comes from Beatnik Turtle, the perfectly appropriate for PodCulture Central, “What’s Going On Upstairs”.

By Brad

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