The PodCulture Crew welcomes Ashlee back into the studio for another round of punishment (Remember the Turkey and Gravy Jones Soda incident from episode 40?).

Fresh from Comic Con in San Diego, Ashlee tells us of the WOW inspired, “Looking For Group” as Glenn eagerly awaits the newest expansion, “Wrath of the Litch King”. Quite numerically, Glenn’s been watching 300 and The Number 23, Brad and Christina are watching Babylon 5, and all are looking forward to Halo 3.

We announce the winners of the Transformers Armada “Name the Culture Cruiser” contest! Listen to find out who wins! Alas, we only have one dvd to give away, but the two runners up will also receive goodies!

What’s in your DVD player this week? We talk about upcoming series, including Flash Gordon, The Bionic Woman, and Moonlight. All have been found on various bit torrent sites, and the group debates about whether or not they were “leaked” on purpose to generate buzz. Ashlee, who has quickly become our resident Webisode Expert, talks about “Sanctuary” (which features Stargate star, Amanda Tapping). Debate rises over The Tick’s second season dvd set, Patrick Warburton, and the quality of the live action show versus the animated.

Geek-n-Tell this week finds Ashlee with Halo 3 books by Eric Nylund, autographs from David Mack, and creator of “Devil’s Panties”, Jennie Breeden. Glenn’s collection of weaponry expands a bit as he brings a Taurus Millenium home from the gun show. Brad and Christina have grown their Webkinz collection, and picked up a collector set of Elvis Pez dispensers (Go on, sing “hunka hunka burnin’ pez”. You know you want to.) They’ve gotten the evilly cute Kubrick Distorted Spawn figure, and gained geek tech with a new squid mic for the iRiver.

Promos this week come courtesy of the ADD Podcast, and Dragon Page-Cover to Cover.

By Brad

2 thoughts on “PodCulture 59: We Three Geeks – Part A”
  1. I am pretty sure the pilots weren’t leaked intentionally….

    The same thing happened last summer when BT air allowed me to see some pilots before they aired. And for some reason FOX sent me a big box of DVDs with previews and season premieres of shows. Of course, most of the box was cancelled after two episodes….

  2. I’m sure many listeners have already corrected you on this: Ashlee was right. The Sanctuary episodes are $1.99 per episode for standard definition and $2.49 per episode for HD. According to their blog the pricing decision was just made on 30 Jul.

    Of course, none of this really means anything to me because I haven’t watched any of the series. I didn’t want to get hooked on the free eps when I knew I wasn’t going to buy it.

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