Batten down the hatches, geeks! After an introduction from Andre Gower, the Culture Crew returns! Fresh from the Fright Night Film Festival, Brad and Glenn are worn down to
fanboy nubs. Glenn is still lost in WoW and has found Supernatural on dvd. Christina had a visit from her family, and all are getting ready for Dragon Con.

In Geek ‘N’ Tell, thanks so much to Mark aka Jayhawk, for the final installment of Doctor Who, series three. Christina reaps belated birthday booty from her family, including her long-awaited Spike Puppet plush, a beautiful (and sadly unmentioned) pewter sword letter opener from Medieval Times, and the Wii Sports Pack. They’ve also brought her Nightcrawler figure, and her Angel trading cards. Glenn’s picked up the Farscape Peacekeeper Wars, and the conversation turns to Dragon Con guests Claudia Black, Lani Tupu, David Franklin, and Gigi Edgely. Brad bought “Batman: Dead End”, which includes the amazing short film, “Grayson”. Brad and Christina finally complete their Babylon 5 collection.

Christina confesses watching the final episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Brad and Glenn interview Andre Gower, of Monster Squad, at The Fright Night Film Festival. (And yes, Christina is disappointed she missed it.)

Geek Cuisine this week is Kellogg’s Fruit Loops Cereal Straws, and the culinarily courageous Ashlee does an “interesting” experiment.

Christina has temporarily joined the throng of body bakers, and Brad finds Babylon 5 geek gold in the form of a station micromachine autographed by J. Michael Straczynski. Glenn beats us all with his life-size Silver Surfer display. The trio are still giddy about being Parsec Award finalists, and if you’re in the Louisville area, check out Ho-B’z for your embroidered geek goodies.

In a mini Geek Cuisine, the three talk about the beauty of Mountain Dew Game Fuel, and the beast of Tab.

Promos this week include Second Shift, Geek Cred, Slice of Sci Fi, and What The Cast.

By Brad

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