Welcome to the pre-Dragon*Con special!

After an introduction by Texas Chainsaw Massacre star Allan Danziger, the gang geeks about what they’re most looking forward to at Dragon Con. Claudia Black, Ron Glass and James Marsters are certainly topping the must-see lists.

Geek Cuisine consists of fluffy pink goodness, in the form of Kraft Strawberry Marshmallows.
Mur Lafferty of Geek Fu Action Grip lends us her Dragon Con Survival Guide.

Guilty Pleasures wears spandex this week, as Glenn reviews “The Return of Captain Invincible”.

The Culture Crew talks about their own survival tips for the coming Con, and some of the highlights from those past.

Promos include the blood drive for Joe, the Dragon Con Podcasting Track, The Babylon Podcast, and The Obscure 80s Cast.

By Brad

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