After an introduction by the deliciously undead James Marsters, the gang is back in action!

Glenn talks about the visually stunning Dragon Wars, Christina struggles with Man’s need for big shiny stuff, the boys await the coming Halo 3, and all are still amazed they survived Dragon*Con.

Glenn’s just watched Blackhawk Down for the first time, and picked up the surprisingly beloved Dead or Alive. Christina and Brad watched the less-than-thrilling pilot for Flash Gordon, and it’s thumbs uncertain for The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Glenn’s looking forward to seeing the Bionic Woman pilot, and Christina’s signing herself up for bionic bits.

Christina and Brad acquired the first two episodes of Stargate Atlantis, season 4. Fans of Jewel Staite and Amanda Tapping will be quite happy, and the three geeks are interested in Sanctuary.

Glenn’s perusing the Best Buy sale ad, and he’s earmarked Smallville, and Superman:Doomsday. All are horrified to see a sequel to the train wreck of Blood Rayne. He’s also bought World of Warcraft shirts from, and is avidly looking forward to the game Time Shift.

Brad shows off his t-shirts/birthday presents from Christina, from the expansive He also got some Green Lantern figures with his birthday booty. Christina got Supernatural Season Two from her fellow geek, Sarecia. The pair have a slew of new books, including Stargate:SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and Star Trek. Brad’s upgraded the Frankenstien of his computer with a new dvd burner, added a Dukes of Hazzard hat to his chappeau colletion, and the couple add to their koala cult.

Don’t forget to Return to Sender and enter the Elivs: The Mini-Series contest!

Brad and Christina respond to some happily received voicemail! Thanks to John in Texas, and Andy in our own Louisville.

Geek Cuisine edges into the fall season with Caramel Apple Sugar Babies.

Promotions this week come courtesy of Buffy Between The Lines, and The Geologic Podcast. Musical guests are Carrie Dahlby and Luke Ski with “Holding Out For Hero“.

By Brad

4 thoughts on “PodCulture 65: Crux of the Matter – Part A”
  1. Well, I must apologize to your crew for failuring to listen to this show for so long. I commend you on your excellent show. You’ve hooked me. You have now become part of my listening repertoire.

    Of course, since you’re a part of Farpoint Media, you are also my sworn enemy (Sorry, I’m sorta the unofficial Farpoint Supervillain).

    One question, though: What “rating” do you prefer your voicemails? I didn’t notice any racy or explicit language or content in the show, but this is, as I said, my first listen.

  2. Howdy there Mister Supervillian!


    Thanks for the kind words. As for voicemail “ratings” honestly we don’t really have a policy about that. I’d say PG13ish maybe.

    Heck we’ve dropped more than our fair share of swears. Usually the milder stuff like Sh*t or A$$ that sort of thing. Not that we really disapprove of strong language or anything…it’s just that that’s how we normally talk. For example…the times we’ve actually dropped the f-bomb ourselves on the show are few and far between, but we’ve also played Johnathan Coulton’s “First of May” on the show too. (and that has a metric crapton of f-bombs)


  3. Hey I heard myself on the podcast today, and I say “umm” and “and” a lot, I have to fix that, and whats the deal only two messages? I am planning on calling again, just because I can’t remember things to well and calling gives you the experience of having my fresh thoughts.

    John from BS
    (that could be Big Spring or Bull Sh*t)

  4. Howdy there John!

    Don’t worry about the umm and ahhs…heck we do that all the time ourselves! As for only two messages…well that’s all we had to play. We don’t get a LOT of calls to the ol’ voicemail line, but man what we do get is quality! Looking forward to hearing you again.


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