Trust no one except Tom Braidwood to introduce PodCulture this week!

Jones Soda Maven Ashleigh returns to the PodCulture studio, as Optimus Prime himself warns us of Glenn’s Decepticon presence!

Glenn’s finally finished Dangerman (Everyone say, “YAY!”), and is now watching Heroes (Everyone say, “FINALLY!”). Brad and Christina have been missing out on How I Met Your Mother, and still bemoan the loss of The Class. Ashleigh has returned from a Film Festival in NYC to honor the creator of “Drawn By Pain“, and talks about the Nintendo Store.

Aside from Dangerman, Glenn’s picked up The Reaping, Wrong Turn 2, 28 Weeks Later, and looks forward to Resident Evil 3. Brad and Christina have been watching Veggie Tales “Wizard of Ha’s”, Sarah Jane Adventures, Bionic Woman, Flash Gordon, Smallville, and Supernatural. Ashleigh, not a fan of a lot of tv, loves Ghosthunters.

Glenn gives an overview of Karas: The Prophecy just to remind you to enter the contest for Karas: The Revelation!

Thanks to our voicemail ladies this week! Debbie from Wingin’ It says “White and Nerdy” is her favorite geek song, and Traci from Sqeecast: Fangirls Unite tells us about Dies The Fire, by S.M. Sterling.

Geek ‘n Tell this week finds us, once again, knee deep in Transformers. Brad brings home several toys, and a 3D transformable gift card from Target. We’ve also got a Spi-Dog guarding the office, and Brad brings Christina a bucketful of Haloweenie goodness!

Ashleigh talks about the differences between the Legendary and Limited Editions of Halo 3, and can kick Brad’s butt in any of them.

Brad alerts Glenn to the HD sale at Best Buy, and Glenn dislikes that the only way to get Spiderman 1 & 2 on Blu-Ray was to buy the trilogy.

Thanks so much to The Obscure 80’s Podcast for their promotion!

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