Put on your Wyld Stallions t-shirts, and hop in the nearest phone booth, because Brad and Christina are having a most excellent adventure.

Glenn’s been abducted by Duane Barry this week, so Brad and Christina are singing a duet. Christina talks about her less-than-fun appointment, and Brad’s the lone cheese on his team at work.

They take a moment to pick two of their favorite geek tunes. In honor of Christina’s little sister, Miranda (no, she’s not a Reaver), she picks the amazingly addictive “Hamster Brain” by Tom Smith. Brad’s first pick is a remix of Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey”. Christina’s next choice is “Talk Nerdy To Me” by Possible Oscar. Come on, a song that mentions Aeryn Sun can’t be wrong! Brad’s last pick reminds us of a reason we do this, in the tribute song for Joe Murphy, “Mason Rocket” by Beatnik Turtle. Did you enjoy our new segment? Let us know! Do you have a favorite geek song? Tell us!

Jay, from The Obscure 80’s Podcast, calls in a voicemail while driving through lovely Cincinnati, OH, letting us know he’s fallen in love with Doctor Who. Thanks, Jay!

The Dorky Duo returns with their TV talk for the week. They’ve watched more Flash Gordon, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Bionic Woman. The biggest explosion this week, however, has been Jericho. Watched in under a week (not since Stargate have the two plowed through a season so fast), they talk about their favorite characters, and the many themes of the show. And what is it with Kansas? There’s Wizards, and Winchesters, weird meteor freaks and weapons of mass destruction! (Wait…we still love you, Jayhawk!)

New on the growingly overburdened dvd shelf this week is the first season of Roswell, and the second season of Robot Chicken.

Glenn returns from the mother ship in time to join us for geek cuisine fit for E.T . himself: Reese Pieces with chocolate candies.

Enter PodCulture’s newest contest for the dvd of the anime hit, Karas the Revelation!

Promos this week graciously provided by Scott Sigler’s “Nocturnal”, and Buffy: Between The Lines.

Party on dudes. Be excellent to each other.

By Brad

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