Welcome to The GeekSpin: Holiday Special 2007!

Brad introduces the show and talks briefly about what The GeekSpin is and what the format of the regular show will be like when the regular show kicks off in early January 2008. Then the holiday show gets rolling with a geeky musical presents for everyone!

Songs for this episode include:

A Fanboy Christmas” by The Great Luke Ski

Serenity Christmas Song” and “Shiny Browncoat Christmas” by Julesong

Santa Doesn’t Like You” and “Two Christmases” by Beatnik Turtle

Recalled Christmas” by Jake Waters

What Child is This” by Project Sisyphus

A Fanboy Christmas 2” by The Great Luke Ski

Thanks for joining in on this holiday special. We hope you and yours have a safe, fun, and most importantly: a geeky good time! See ya soon with the start of the regular show soon!

By Brad

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