Whether your a lover or a fighter, we bring you Valentine’s tidings fit for any geek!

Glenn brings his flaxen guilt in the form of “Yellow Hair and The Fortress of Gold” for Guilty Pleasures!

Geek ‘N’ Tell finds Brad with a great deal on new XLR cables, and Christina finds Me and My Katamari for the PSP. Brad buys Arcee, and repaint Optimus to add to his Transformers collection, and two Donna Troy figures. Christina has fallen off the Bath & Body Works bandwagon, but she’s working through her addiction with the help of a plush Liem from Mouse Guard. Glenn’s into the heavy stuff this week with his big brown box with his brand new gun.

Thank so very much to James from the Obscure 80’s podcast for his voicemail about Torchwood and Cloverfield.

Christina finds Strawberry Creme Hershey Kisses for Geek Cuisine!

In closing, Christina beams with hope as she talks about the projected Greatest American Hero film. Who would you cast as the man in red spandex?

Promos come graciously from Buffy Between The Lines and Voices of Babylon:Three Edged Sword.

By Brad

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